Beautiful and Fun House Remodel (Tia’s Build)

Tia is an amazing woman, and so deserving of a house remodel. Before we get into the details of this house remodel, let me tell you a quick summary of Tias story.

Tia is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met! Tia is first and foremost a wife and a mother of 5 beautiful children. In 2020, Tia was diagnosed with leukemia. She has been fighting for just over a year and is now in remission. She shows her fight on instagram and Youtube daily with all of us. 

It has been such a blessing to see her smile and dance through her hard times, even though the fight is really hard in many different ways. Her light shines so bright. Here is a beautiful video showing her choosing happiness through this rough time. 

I was so honored to be able to give her and her family some room makeovers! I would NOT have been able to do it without the help of SO many amazing ladies! The before and after’s are below, but here is a video of Tia’s reaction. Her reaction was the most pure and emotional reaction, I love watching it over and over.

House Remodel Before and Afters

Living/Mud Room

Kid's Bedroom


Reading Nook


Boutique Rugs was amazing and sent us so many beautiful rugs. We used the Stafford Area Rug in the entry way. 

The Southwark Area Rug was used in the loft area.

We used the Newville Area Rug in the living room.

 The Gulnur Area Rug was used in the kid’s room. All of these rugs pulled the spaces together so perfectly. 

We also had the wonderful Beddys help us out with the kid’s comforter sets. Beddys are the best, you can just zip them up to make your bed. You can use my code Kristen for 15% off your order.

On Amazon I got these cute pillows for the reading nook

I also got this faux fur rug I used in the kid’s room.

The kid’s bunk bed was also from amazon. It is so simple and cute.

We also found this amazing daybed at Shabundy’s, a local shop.  You can buy this daybed here

The women who made this happen

 Denise @the_denise_project

Denise is a lover of DIY projects of any kind! She is currently renovating a trailer, building furniture at the woodshop and making over spaces in her home. She wants everyone to know that you’re never too old to start! 

  Bong @wild.hearts.home

Bong claims she is a “wannabe” DIYer, which we all know she is an awesome DIYer. She wants to empower people to create the home of their dreams all while having fun and laughing. Like a lot.

 Kenna @thefliphubb

Kenna is a rockstar when it comes to DIY. She teaches us to put down the phone and pick up the hammer. Kenna knows women can do it all and she wants to show you the way to building your dreams. She is also an awesome mother and wife.

 Crystel @crystelmontenegrohome

Crystel is a fearless DIY-er who loves sharing what she has learned. She is a mom to three beautiful girls, the youngest of whom is currently battling cancer. 

Aubrey @jewelconfections

Aubrey is a wife and mom to four mini bakers. Entirely self-taught, Aubrey finds her passion for baking through sharing her creations with others and teaching what she’s learned.

 Crysta @dibsdeco

Crysta found her love for woodworking after a trip abroad. She is a wife and a mother of 4. Crysta spends most days spinning her blade and creating wood art. 


 Brandi @eternalharvestdecor

Brandi is a wife, mom and therapist turned DIYer. She teaches Woodwork and DIY. Brandi wants to empower people to make mistakes! She wants everyone to know that mistakes teach and free us from perfection, which is when we succeed. 

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