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How to Make a Grid Mirror – Simple Tutorial

DIY Grid Mirror - How to Make Your Own

My sister-in-law just asked me today how I made this, so I decided I should write a blog post to let everyone know how I made this diy grid mirror. 

I wanted a grid mirror, but they are SO expensive, so I decided to come up with my own way of making one. 

I hope this step-by-step tutorial helps my sister-in-law, yet also helps all of you! 

Materials - DIY Grid Mirror

board of choice for back of mirror (I used particle board)
lattice wood
1X2 wood

Step 1 - cut board for grid mirror

I used particle board for the back of my mirror, however, you can use whatever board you feel like using for the back of your mirror.

 I cut my board to 61″X24″. Make sure your board is big enough for how many mirrors you want on it. 

I found 18 mirrors at the Dollar Tree. 

Step 2 - glue the mirrors on

I used hot glue to attach my mirrors onto my board. One fell off like a month later, so I would probably use a more heavy duty glue that holds up in colder weather. 

DIY Grid Mirror

Step 3 - add the boarder/trim

I wanted thin wood and I couldn’t find any that I liked in my budget, so I got this lattice wood and then used the table saw to cut it in half. 

Because I cut it in half, I only needed 18 feet at the store. 

Again, I used hot glue to attach the wood, however, please use more heavy duty glue, this was a mistake on my part. 

Make sure you sand your wood for a better look and feel. 

DIY Grid Mirror

Step 4 - Add boarder around the whole grid mirror

I got 1X2s and added a boarder to the whole mirror. 

Over a year ago, I hardly took any pictures or videos during the projects so I did not get a photo of me doing this, however, you can see what I did in the end picture. 

That is all I did. If you wanted to, you can stain your wood or put a finish on it, I did not. 

Here is the finished product!

diy grid mirror finish

Guys, I am just so excited how this turned out! Instead of spending a ton on a mirror like this, make one! You can do it! 

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DIY grid mirror
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