Colorful Toy Room Makeover Guide (Waco Texas Build)

Meet the Family

Charity builds are near and dear to my heart! Especially this toy room makeover for the sweetest family! Meet the Bourgeois Family!

This is the Bourgeois family. They moved to Waco and shortly after ended up pregnant with twins. They were really excited. Unfortunately, halfway through the pregnancy they lost both twins. They were heartbroken but never lost hope. They got pregnant shortly after with their first child and had a healthy baby boy. Then, to their surprise, they got pregnant with twins and gave birth to two healthy baby girls. She is now pregnant with their fourth. 

They were nominated by their friend Madison and their story really resonated with me. I have also gone through miscarriages and I am also a twin. I knew immediately they were the family. Re-doing this toy room makeover/guest bedroom was so much fun and was done for such a deserving family. A huge thank you to the women who made this happen. Scroll below to meet the family, see the before/after, and meet the women who made this possible.



Companies that made this possible

Delta Children was kind enough to sponsor all the children furniture! The cute table and chairs, the Easel, and the Toy Storage. They are all linked below! They are so affordable and also sold on Amazon! Beddy’s and Lucid are always on board with helping with beds bedding for these charity builds and I could be more grateful! 

We found these super cute table and chairs on amazon. They were super high quality.

We got an extra set of chairs as well to give them a total of four chairs.

We also had the wonderful Beddys help us out with the kid’s comforter sets. Beddys are the best, you can just zip them up to make your bed. You can use my code Kristen for 15% off your order.

Here is the cute Easel. I love this thing!!

Here is the toy storage that can also be a changing table.

Here is the bed. I just checked and the white is sold out, but here is a link for a gold one

Here is the cute white rug from Target.

Here are the Shelves on the wall. So much fun!

The women who made this happen

  Ryia @kinandkasa


 Amanda @dwellaware


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