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Artificial Green Wall Sign – Simple and Beautiful

Artificial Green Wall Sign - Simple and Beautiful

My dream shop is coming closer to be done! I love artificial green wall signs lately and I knew I wanted some sort of a statement sign in my shop and this was the perfect, yet simple solution. 

I will show you how to create this foilage sign step-by-step. 


3/4″ plywood
foilage of your choice
staple gun
screws (whatever type you need to hang the plywood)

Step 1 - Cut Plywood

I cute a piece of 3/4″ plywood that covers the entire space I wanted.  

I hung this up where I wanted with concrete screws. 

artificial green wall

Step 2 - Staple Foliage Up for Your Artificial Green Wall

I got my foliage from amazon here

I then used a staple gun to staple the foliage to the plywood.  

Trim off the ends with scissors.

foilage sign

Step 3 - Add Your Own Style to Your Artificial Green Wall

It would have been totally fine leaving it as is, however, I wanted to add something more. 

I got a neon light from YellowPop with my slogan “Make Your Perfect” and it is amazing! 

This came with all of the parts to hang it up on the wall. 

It is also a plug in, so I just hid the wire in the foilage and plugged it into the plug. 

artificial green wall

It is that simple! 

I know you guys can do this!! 

Sometimes things don’t have to be perfect, they just have to be perfect for you. Just like the sign says. 

If you love seeing this, here is how I made the rest of the shop my dream shop. 

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artificial green wall
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