How To Create A Faux Fireplace For Your Home

DIY Faux Fireplace

IT is starting to become that season, that season of decorating the fireplace with ghosts and goblins! Also, right after that, hanging the stockings and spreading some cheer. For lots of people, like my sister last year, they don’t have fireplaces to do this. I made a faux fireplace last year for my sister and I am going to finally get to the step-by-step tutorial here. It is so easy and I know you can do it!


1X12 wood
1X8 wood
wood glue
brad nailer
brad nails
1X4 wood
1X3 wood
wood filler 

Step 1

We cut a 1X12 at 49 inches. Then we cut 2 1X8s at 36 3/4 inches. 

Step 2

Make sure to glue all these pieces together along with brad nailing. That will make it more sturdy. I used Gorilla Wood Glue, it is the wood glue that I love. I used 1 1/4inch brad nails for this project. 

Step 3

Step 3: Then you will want to cut two 1X4s at 48 inches, brad nail that to the 1X8s in the middle. We had 2 inches of space on each side. 

Step 4

Then we cut 2 1X4s at 37 1/2 inches long. We attached these to the 1X12 and we left a three inch gap in between them. The picture shows how we did this. 

Step 5

Then we cut 2 pieces at 48 inches for the sides. We glued and brad nailed them to the 1X8. 

Step 6

Then we cut pieces for the inside of the fireplace at 37 1/2 inches each. We glued and brad nailed them to the 1X8. 

Step 7

Then I wrapped the top with a 1X3. 

Step 8

Then I cut a 1X8 at 52 inches for the top piece. It overhangs 2 inches on both the right and left side. 

Step 9

Then I cut a 1X12 at 48 inches. This is the base of the fireplace.  We glued and brad nailed that to the bottom. 

Step 10

We filled in all of our nail holes with wood filler. Then you just paint your fireplace however you want! 

If you love it, you can pin it!

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