FORTE Appliances In My 100 Year Old Kitchen Remodel

I Chose FORTE Appliances And Couldn't Be Happier

The first day I walked through this home I knew the kitchen was going to be special. It had every feature I had always dreamed of: high ceilings, plenty of space, beams, arches, and  brick. It had it all! One of the most important choices was the appliances that would accompany our hard work. The clear choice was FORTE appliances. They provide high-performing, reliable, and easy to maintain appliances that look absolutely stunning. 

We went with the 30″ Stainless Steel Gas Range and put the included gold knob  highlights. The range is incredibly beautiful and cooks like a dream. It has become the focus of our kitchen as you walk in.  We built a giant arch around it and installed the 30″ Stainless Steel Cabinet Hood Insert underneath the arch to provide ventilation for our Range. The pair works so well together and we couldn’t be happier. We chose the 24″ Stainless Steel Countertop Microwave for quick cooking. They also sell a surround to build the microwave into the cabinets. When I finish the half bath hallway renovation I will be installing the surround.

For the dishwasher we chose the 24″ Panel Ready Built-In Dishwasher. When I first saw the panel ready dishwasher I was sold. It looks seamless  with the cabinets and works amazing. We are so thrilled with how it looks and feels. Such a wonderful idea combined with a sturdy appliance. It has a ton of room and tray options. We keep putting it to the test with our dirty dishes and have yet to beat it.

My favorite part of the kitchen has to be the built-in fridges. As a family of five we needed a ton of fridge space. But I didn’t want to have two fridges just sitting in the kitchen. So we had our cabinet maker build a custom built-in for our two 30″ Panel Ready Built-in Bottom Freezer Refrigerator. This is my favorite part of the kitchen. These fridges are amazing and have so many features that makes family life super simple and easy to organize. They include ice, water, and so many different compartments for all types of food and they look like CABINETS!

I would highly recommend FORTE appliances. They are super reliable and look superb. They will add beauty to any kitchen remodel/new build. They have so many other options as well to fit your style needs. Go check them out at FORTE APPLIANCES


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