NOVOCORE Q Flooring Installation and Reveal

NOVOCORE Q Flooring Installation and Reveal

We just finished putting flooring on our main level!! We went with NOVOCORE Q, Q is for Quiet, by Novocore flooring in the color Camden. NOVOCORE Q is an engineered vinyl flooring that champions the quest for a quieter flooring. It is 3x quieter than WPC and up to 6x quieter than SPC. In our video below we did our own in-home test and dropped a piece of metal onto a piece of Novocore flooring and compared it to another competitor flooring we had previously installed. The difference was crazy. This flooring was designed to minimize the common distracting sounds: clonking, heels, bangs, and thumps. It really does make a difference.

Another reason we chose Novocore is that it is 100% waterproof. It is resistant to moisture and water making it great for areas like bathrooms, laundry areas, and kitchens. It is also extremely durable and life-proof. We have three kids and two dogs. We needed a flooring that was going to withstand constant use and still look stunning. Novocore comes with the Scratch Shield Max finish. We were forced to put this to the test as we needed to put our flooring down prior to a bunch of contractors coming into our home. The flooring took so much abuse and doesn’t show any wear and tear. Simply amazing.

Novocore flooring is amazingly simple to install. With a few simple tools you are on your way to a beautiful new floor. Click here to see the Installation Guide. Flooring can change the entire feel of your house and you can totally DIY it. Novocore also comes with a SE+ Anti-microbial finish that protects it from harmful microbes. This makes it a breeze to clean.  Click here to see the Maintenance Guide.

Novocore has a really cool N-Vision Room Explorer. 

1. Go to : N-Vision Room Explorer

2. Take a photo of the room you want to transform

3. Upload it and pick a color

We could not be happier. It looks incredible and is ready for years of use. Check out Novocore Flooring today!

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