built-in bench with storage

Built-In Bench with Storage – How to Build One

How to Build a Built-In Bench with Storage

My dining room was super small and a table was awkward in the space. So, we decided we needed a built-in bench with storage so the table could fit more on the side of the room. 

Here is how I built it.

Materials for a Built-In Bench with Storage

1/2″ MDF
4″ MDF baseboards
3/4″ MDF 
1X3 MDF board
1X4 MDF board
brad nails
brad nail gun
paint sprayer or brushes

Step 1 - Build the Frame

You need to make the frame first, so and here is how I did that. 

First, I predrilled and put screws every 24 inches. You can do however many inches you want to do, and 24 was what I wanted. 

Then, you cut five 15 inch pieces of 2X4s and screw all the screws into the pieces. 

built-in bench with storage
built-in bench with storage

Step 2 - Framing Against the Wall

For the 2X4 on the wall, I just attached it into the studs. 

Make sure it’s the same height as the framed squared you just made so your bench will fit correctly. 


Step 3 - Finishing the Built-In Bench Frame

The bench needs extra support, so I made five squares with 2X4s, just drilled them together. 

Next, I attached all of the boards with 3 inch screws to secure it together. 

built-in bench with storage

Step 4 - Outside of Frame

The bench can have any design you want, however, I used 1/2 inch MDF to fit the front and side of the bench. 

Then, I screwed this in to the 2X4s so it would would make a flat front and side. 

built-in bench with storage

Step 5 - Added Framing to the Built-In Bench

It needed some more design factor to it, so I wanted to frame it out. 

To do so, I used 4″ MDF baseboards. Brad nail the boards to attach them. 


Step 6 - Cut the Top Board

Next, I cut a 3 inch strip of 3/4″ MDF for the top and I also cut another piece of MDF to overhang the bench 3/4″ off the front and side. 

Brad nail the 3 inch strip into the 2X4s at the back of the bench. The arrow shows you where I did this so you can see. 

built-in bench with storage

Step 7 - Added Hinges

Four hinges are used to attach the two boards. 

This made it possible for us to lift the top of the bench so we could use the bench for storage also. 

built-in bench with storage

Step 7 - Added a Accent Piece to the Wall

Next, I wanted to add a similar design with the baseboards to the wall behind the bench, because I wanted to make it look more like a built-in piece. 

I put a 1X4 MDF board right against the wall and the bench. 

Then, I put five 1X3 MDF boards going vertical on the wall and to top it off, I put a 1X4 MDF board on the top. 

Add a 1X2 board to the top of the 1X4. 

built-in bench with storage
built-in bench with storage

Step 8 - Caulk and Paint the Built-In Bench/Wall

Caulk where it is needed and prep to paint. 

Then paint! 

built-in bench with storage

This turned out a million times better than I imagined. 

You can do things and build things if you just put your mind to it. 

I built a similar bench to this for my entryway in a different house if you would like to see that as well. 

built-in bench with storage

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