How to Create a Cozy Reading Nook or Room

Cozy Reading Nook or Room

If I had the space, I would totally make a reading room to encourage me and the kids to read more. Mine would probably have like a table to play games with the family or do homework as well. I did get to make a reading room for one of my clients and I wanted to show you what we did. 

Even if you don’t have the room for a whole room, I did make a little reading nook behind the door to show you what you could do. I have also seen people transform their closets or under their stairs into a reading nook as well. I once transformed a small pantry closet into a reading nook for a charity build, here is that before and after if you want to see it. 


reading nook


reading nook

I think the most important thing when making a reading nook is making it something that you will feel at ease in. This room is for kids so of course we wanted bright colors and things to look at so they want to stay in the room. I love the soft rug, the pillows, the colorful books, things to play, storage and of course light.  

I got the rug from @wellwovenrugs. They have so many options for rugs and they are so soft. 

I got some of the wall hangings (not pictured) @jwpaperco. She hand makes every frame, which is awesome. 

We got epoxy letters for the kids to play with and they can make words. We got ours from @melcreativeco, but she is currently not making them. If you search on etsy “epoxy letters” you will get a ton of options. 

I got these macrame swings from amazon and they are very comfortable and fun. 

We got all the furniture from a local furniture store, however, you can find awesome deals just on amazon. 

I also got the wallpaper from They have SO many beautiful designs for wallpaper. 

Lighting is always a must in a reading room or nook. If you don’t have an outlet or a light where you need it, you can just buy a light that you like that can be wall mounted or pendant hung, like a sconce light. The lightbulb of it needs to be hidden. You can take the lightbulb out and swap in a battery powered light so you can put it wherever you want. 

There are plenty of storage options/baskets on amazon as well. You can also add a lot of blankets, there is nothing better than cuddling up reading a book with a comfy blanket. I actually own these blankets and they are so soft!

I hope you have some ideas for your own reading nook now. You just need to make it your own. I love making them for people and I can’t wait to put one in my current house one day. 

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