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Piano Makeover – How to Make a Laminate Piano Look Antique

Piano Makeover - How to Make a Laminate Piano Look Antique

I bought this laminate piano without seeing it in person. I thought it was wood, just painted, but nope! This needed a piano makeover. 

Have you guys ever done that with a piece of furniture or anything? Sometimes it is too good to be true, but with some extra love I feel like anything could look as beautiful as you imagined.

I am going to let you know how I made this laminate piano look antique. 

Here is the piano I started with . . .


Materials I Used for this Piano Makeover

heat gun
scrapper/razor blade
1/2 X 2 inch mdf pieces
wood filler
sand paper
1X8 pine
1X2 pine
brad nails
brad nailer
wood glue
stain blocking primer

First, take off the laminate

Nate and our friend, Ryan, were kind enough to take the laminate off of the piano for me. 

They used a heat gun and scraped it off.  

heat piano

Second, scrap off the glue

I put citrustrip on the piano and let it set all night. 

In the morning most of the glue came off so easy. 

piano makeover

Sadly, the wood underneath was so beat up. 

I think when they build this piano they meant for it to be laminated. 

Because of this I am going to have to replace some of it and salvage some of it. It will work out. 

wood condition

Third, slowly put the piano back together

I added 1/2 X 2 inch pieces of mdf trim to the bottom because the edges were so beat up. 

Next, I filled the holes and gaps with wood filler. 

I attached the new top using 1X8 pine and trimmed it down to size. Also, I attached 1X2 pine to the sides. 

I did the same thing with the second level, and then attached the bottom with the original screws. 

piano makeover

Fourth, add some character

I decided to add some appliques to give it some more texture. 

I feel like this added a lot of character to the piano and it came out way better than I thought. 

add character

Fifth, prime and paint

Nate, my husband, got to priming. We are using stain blocking primer again because this wood would definitely bleed through. 

piano makeover

The Piano Makeover After Photo . . .

paint colors

This piano exceeded my expectations. 

Furniture flips are the best because they are almost always such a great transformation. 

Here is a furniture flip of a dresser I just did and here is another of a shoe storage flip I did. 

If you love it, you can pin it

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