How to Paint Brick – Simpliest Way

How to Paint Brick

We just need to paint brick sometimes right? Painting Brick is a great way to improve a space, whether thats the exterior part or interior part of your home. 

In this blog post, I will provide you with the list of materials I used to paint my fire place and take you step by step in how to go about painting brick. 

Even though I am painting an Interior section of my house, the steps below can also be used for exterior brick as well, I recommend changing the primer and paint you use to be an exterior primer and paint. 

Materials to Paint Brick

painters tape 
painting prep materials
sprayer (here is a link to my good, better and best paint sprayers)

Step 1 - Clean Brick and Get Loose Debris Off

This is pretty much the easiest step-by-step I have done. 

It is that easy, you just clean the brick and get the loose debris off. 

how to paint brick

Step 2 - Prep Space and Spray on Primer with Sprayer

Behr Multi-Surface Satin-Clocking Primer and Sealer is one of my favorite primers to use. 

It is a lot easier to use a sprayer for this project because it helps get into all of the cracks and crevices easier.  

paint brick
paint brick

Step 3 - Paint with Sprayer

I used Ultra Pure White Extra Durable Satin Enamel Interior Paint and Primer. 

how to paint brick

It is that easy! 

This space is in our basement and it has changed the room completely, it was very dark but with the fresh white walls it feels not like a basement. 

I can’t wait until our new windows come so it can brighten up the space even more! 

The basement is slowly gettin finished and I am so excited. We loved how it turned out. 

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how to paint brick
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