Good Better Best Paint Sprayer Review

My Favorite Paint Sprayer

A paint sprayer can have a big positive impact on your project. I have spent a lot of time using different sprayer brands and through trial and error, I have finally found my favorite sprayer. When I found out you could spray paint onto a wall I immediately wanted a sprayer! I quickly realized there is a mountain of sprayers that come in all shapes and sizes. So I want to help out and help you find the right sprayer for you.


I am going to split sprayers into two categories. Project Sprayers and Large Area Sprayers

Project Paint Sprayers

These sprayers are ideal for small areas and furniture. They are amazing. You will love how easy they are to use and clean. They will make spraying a piece of furniture so much fun and make it look so nice. There are so many pros for purchasing a project sprayer. The only negative is for painting large areas. You will have to load the sprayer way too often and it will become very inconvenient.

Project Good, Better and Best Paint Sprayer for any budget

Scuddles Paint Sprayer

Large Area Paint Sprayers

When I paint an entire room, or sometimes an entire basement, I use an airless sprayer that can siphon paint from five gallon buckets.They are very convenient and can spray a lotof paint before reloading paint. These are bulky compared to project sprayers and may not be the best option for small projects. But for large areas they work wonders.


I really like Graco Sprayers for DIY. They make such a great product. So the following options are based on how much you will use the sprayer. You are paying for stronger motors and better options.

Large Area Good, Better and Best Paint Sprayer

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