Overall Obsession – 15 Pairs Of My Favorite Overalls

15 Pairs of My Favorite Overalls!!

I am sure everyone saw this coming at some point. In my Instagram stories, I often wear overalls while doing projects and I have had many people ask me where I get my overalls. So, I am going to answer that questions in this post! I have an obsession with them, as you guys can probably tell. Below, I have linked some I have and some I want to get! When working on projects, they are so convenient to wear and fashionable at the same time. Christmas is coming right? I deserve like 3 more at least! haha Most of my pairs are from Old Navy, however, I have a got a few here and there at other places. 

You really can’t go wrong with wearing overalls for the day to day activities and duties. Here are some reasons I like wearing overalls:

  • Totally fashionable!!
  • Multiple pockets for tools – more than typical pants
  • No need for a belt
  • Easy care – just throw in the wash 
  • No need for the “pants dance” because they don’t sag! 

If you are looking for overalls that have a warm lining, I recommend Carhartt’s overalls. Those are very heavy duty and keep you nice and warm during the winter months when you have projects outside. These came in handy when we were converting the school bus into a skoolie in the middle of winter!

But if you aren’t working on a project in the middle of winter with snow on the ground, I recommend the following pairs below. 

Overall Links

Old Navy



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