Harry potter room - custom bed

How to Build a Hogwarts House Style Bed

How to Build a Hogwarts House Style Bed

I built a Hogwarts bed for my boy’s Harry Potter themed room and I want to share a step-by-step tutorial on how I did that.  I love Harry Potter and so do my kids, so I decided to copy the bed in the house rooms as best as I could.  


Step 1

Measure your twin mattress. Your cuts may vary if your mattress is bigger or smaller. We used this mattress. We added just a little bit on each side of the mattress to allow the bed sheets to tuck in.

Step 2

You will need two 2X12X10 foot boards. You will cut two pieces at 77″ and two pieces at 36″. 

Step 3

You will need four 4X4 posts. You will cut them all at 77 inches. This is a great height for 8 foot ceilings. If you have lower ceilings you will need to cut these smaller. 

Step 4

Time to start assembling the Hogwarts bed. Make sure to construct the bed on a flat even surface. Use a level at all stages and it will come together nicely. 
Drill four evenly spaced 1/2 inch holes for the long 2X12 to go into the 4X4 posts. We drilled about halfway through the 4X4 and used 3 inch screws. We then drilled 3 holes on the other side of the 4X4 to fit between the four screws holding the long side. See pictures for help. We then wood glued out dowels leaving them slightly out to cover the holes. Once dried we sanded them down flush.  

Step 5

Watch the following video on how to cut a miter edge. 

Step 6

Measure and cut your 1X8X8 common board with a miter edge around the top of the 4X4 posts. You should measure and cut this one yourself. It will be tighter if you do it versus using a pre-determined cut. See picture for end result. Use 2 3/8″ screws to fasten the boards to the 4X4 posts. 

Step 7

Cut the plywood using one cut to 89″X48″. Use 2 3/8″ screws and fasten the plywood to the top of the 4X4 posts with even spacing on each side. 

Step 8

Watch the following video on how to cut crown molding. I didn’t make the jig he described but the video was super helpful. 

Step 9

Cut your trim for the top of the 4X4s and miter edge at the end. Use a brad-nailer to fasten the crown molding to the posts. 

Step 10

Cut your crown molding with a miter edge at the end. Measure and cut this yourself so it is tight. Use a brad-nailer to fasten the crown molding to the board. 

Step 11

Cut your cap molding to cover the edge of the plywood with a miter edge. You should measure this yourself so it is tight. Use a brad-nailer to fasten the cap molding to the plywood. 

Step 12

Cut your 2X2X8 board to the 76 1/2 inch. Then measure where you wan your mattress to be. We made our mattress flush with the top. A little above might be good as well. Fasten 2X2 boards to the sides of the 2X12′ boards using 2 3/8″ screws. 

Step 13

Cut your 1X4X8 boards to hold the mattress up. You will need 15 of the at 37 inches. Space evenly and use 2 3/8″ screws to fasten them to the 2X2. 

Step 14

Condition the wood with wood conditioner.  This needs at least three hours to dry before you can stain. 

Step 15

Stain the wood. I used Special Walnut. The actual Harry Potter bed is very dark, so don’t be afraid to stain it dark. 

Step 16

I used a stapler to fasten the drapes to the bed. Here are the ones I used. 

Step 17 - Finishing touches for Hogwarts Bed

I just used a simple fleece twin blanket and white sheets for the bedding. 

There you have it! I can’t believe I made this Hogwarts bed, I know you can do it! If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments. Now I need to go watch all of the Harry Potter movies before Halloween! 

Harry potter room - custom bed

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Harry potter room - bed
Harry potter Bed
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