Harry Potter room decor

Simple Harry Potter Room At Hogwarts Reveal With Links

Harry Potter Room Reveal with Links

When you were a child or even an adult, do you remember being so enchanted with a movie that you forget the movie isn’t reality? Well, I love harry potter so much that I thought why not bring some of the Harry Potter magic into my sons  bedroom! This was a dream come true. I am a huge Harry Potter fan and have wanted to do a Harry Potter room ever since I saw Mallory (@mallorynikolaushome) on Instagram do one! Here is the reveal of the room and also the links to everything I put in the room.  I hope you guys love it!!

Check out how to build a harry potter themed bed in my other post.

Harry potter room - custom bed
Harry potter room with 9 3/4 wall
Harry potter room desk
Harry Potter room decor
Harry potter room decor
Harry potter room decor

Links (click the picture)

I found the rest of the books, the frames, clock, trunk, desk, stool, chairs, potion jars and throw pillows all at the thrift store. 

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Harry potter room

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  1. That’s a child’s dream come true, how fun is this! You did an incredible job, kudos to you!

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