Simplify DIY With The 8 Best Tips and Hacks

8 Best DIY Tips and Hacks

I just wanted to share some of the BEST DIY tips and hacks with you guys that I have learned throughout the last few years! These have made some diy projects a little easier. 

Number 1

Baby Wipes and Caulking – It is that easy. I usually use pamper baby wipes to wipe my caulk smooth. No more using your finger and cleaning it every minute. 

Number 2

To caulk in the cracks I put a wipe over a butter knife and smooth it out. 

Number 3

When you have a fresh new roller wrap it in tape, then pull off the tape to get all the fuzzies off. 

Number 4

If you are putting an accent wall in or board and batten paint the wall the color you want first. It makes painting after you put the boards up a lot quicker and easier. 

Number 5

Sometimes you just want a light in a certain spot, but you don’t have it wired for a light. There is a hack for that. All you need battery powered light, gorilla glue and a screw in PVC that fits where the light bulb goes. You just glue that PVC to the pack of the light and then screw it in. Done! 

Number 6

Opening Caulk – Did you know your caulk gun has everything you need on it to open it? I just found this out a few years ago. There is a hole on the handle for cutting it open. You just stick it in there and squeeze the handle to open it. Then there is a metal needle thing to puncture it as well on the gun. Who knew right?!

Number 7

Paint spilling over the lip of your paint can because you poured it out? I have a fix for that. Make some holes with a nail and hammer and it will drain itself back into the can. 

Number 8

Did you know that your broom stick could be screwed into your paint roller? This is true and now you can paint that ceiling! 

There ya have it! I hope these DIY tips and hacks make your life a little easier. I also hope you have a great day! You guys are awesome and you got this!

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