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Simple Wall Mounted Headboard – How I Built It

Simple Wall Mounted Headboard - How I Built It

During one of my charity builds we were redoing two girls’ rooms (4 girls altogether). I wanted to stretch our budget as far as we could so we came up with this wall mounted headboard.

 I loved how it turned out and if you want your bed to stay in a certain place in the room this is the perfect, cheap and simple option. 

Here is the step-by-step tutorial on how I built this.

Here is the before of the room (not the best picture).

wall mounted headboard

How we made the wall mounted headboard

This is the simplest build ever. 

All you need is 1X2 boards. 

I measured how tall I wanted the faux headboard to be and we cut two boards to that length for the sides of the headboards (width of the bed). 

We then added a 1X2 on the top, connecting the two boards and then one on the bottom where a headboard should end (about where the height of the bed). 

Next, we cut three more 1X2s to fit in the middle of the boards going vertical, spacing them each apart equally. 

We used a brad nails and nails to hold the boards to the wall. Then we caulked and painted. 

Here is the wall mounted headboard all finished!

wall mounted headboard
faux headboard
faux headboard
wall mounted headboard

I loved doing this charity build for this family and I love the family! 

Because I stretched every penny, I was able to give them more than what we were hoping for. 

I hope you guys know that you can always make your perfect, even if you don’t have the most money in the world. There is always a way. 

Here is a link to another charity build I did for someone if you would like to check that out. 

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wall mounted headboard
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