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Small Space Shoe Storage – How to Build

Small Space Shoe Storage - How to Build

I wanted to add shoe storage to our room, but did not know exactly where to put it. I researched small space shoe storage and did not really find anything I liked. When I realized that the shoe storage I found would fit behind the door, I knew that was the perfect spot. 

It is such a practical use of space and looks like it has always meant to be there. 

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to renovate your shoe storage. 

Materials for a Small Space Shoe Storage Flip

Step 1 - Build a Base for Your Small Space Shoe Storage

First thing I need to do is build a base for the cabinet so I can put a baseboard around it so it looks built in. 

I used 2X4s screwed together with a 1X6 for the top. 

I just matched the measurements of the shoe cabinet. 

small space shoe storage

Step 2 - Frame it Out

I made frames for each of the shoe cabinets. I used 1/2X2 mdf strips. 

This shoe storage is metal, so to attach it I used PL3 Loctite glue and clamped them to the metal to hold the frame together. 

Once they are set, I attached the shoe cabinet to the base with the same glue. 

*** I apologize, I got a new phone and the footage I filmed to frame out the shoe cabinet is gone. This is the only picture I have to help you guys.*** 

I also attached the baseboards to the base. 


Step 3 - Paint Your Small Space Shoe Storage

Using normal paint would not work that well because this shoe storage is metal, I’m using spray paint. 

The spray paint will adhere much better. 

I prepped for overspray and then did the first coat. 

At first, you think spray paint might be a bad choice, but I promise if you do 3 to 4 light coats it always turns out. 

I used Krylon Fusion all-in-one and the color matte clamshell. 

small space shoe storage

Step 4 - Add Handles

All you need for this step is to put on the handles. 

I drill holes in the metal to be able to do this. 

*** I went black and white for the reveal.*** 


Step 5 - Add Wood Slab for Top of Your Small Space Shoe Storage

We needed to get the wood to stay on the top metal piece so I used the PL3 Loctite glue again. 

This piece of wood is a 1X6 pine. I used weights to weigh it down. 

This was the first time these weights got used in months. 

small space shoe storage

This is what we started off with . . .

small space shoe storage

This is what we ended with . . .

small space shoe storage

This turned out way better than I should it would!

I know you can do this!

I love flipping furniture, here is a link to a dresser I refurbished if you want to see that as well. 

If you love it, you can pin it.

small space shoe storage
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