Trading a Paperclip for a House Challenge

The Power of Creativity and a Paperclip

I read an interesting book, One Red Paperclip where Kyle MacDonald traded a red paperclip for a house and I realized one thing… I HAD TO TRY IT!!!! So I will be making trades, starting with my paperclip. This will be the paperclip trade challenge. 

Follow along here:  


My Goal for my Paperclip Trade

To trade a paperclip for a dreamy secluded mountain escape where I can build a single track mountain bike track, escape the world, light a fire, and discuss how epic life is. Is it possible? No clue… But I do know it is going to be one RAD story. I’m gonna go find a paperclip!!

My Promises if you Trade with Me

1. I’ll be there in person to shake your hand and say thank you

2. My wife @builds_by_kristen will renovate the home we get

3. We will find a deserving family to give it to. 

Giving is something we love to do as much as we can, this would be a dream. In the past and for sure the future, we have done charity builds, but this would just exceed our expectations. 

Thank you for helping. Means the world to us.

Want to Trade?

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