Building a Kitchen Island – Easy How To

Building a Kitchen Island - Easy How To

Building a kitchen island? This is easy with this step-by-step tutorial on how to do that. I loved how this turned out. 

I wanted a new kitchen island in the home we were selling because it was a little awkward and cramped. 

I did not realize how much building a new kitchen island was going to open up the space and I am so excited that it did. 


Here is what we started out with . . .

building a kitchen island

Step 1 - Demo

I, with some help, tore this island down to the floor. 

Remember to turn off any electricity if there is any in your island. 

This took a while, but it was so fun!

I also laid new floors under this (the existing floors went right up to the island). 


Step 2 - Placement

I found this perfect cabinet at Home Depot that fits my space perfectly. 

I made sure I was far enough (at least 36 inches) from the counters on both sides. 

Step 3 - Add Molding and Trim

Next, I added molding and trim. 

You can do whatever design you want, I decided to just make squares. 

I used the pvc trim for the smaller trim/square in the middle. You just cut to your length and cut at a 45 degree angle so they fit together. 

I always put on nail in the corner and then make sure it fits correctly and is level before I put a nail on the other end. 

Then, I put 1/2X4 mdf for the actual molding on the corners/bottom and top. 

Next, I added the small trim cut the 1/2X4 mdf to just an inch to the bottom of the island. I wrapped the small trim around the 1/2X4 as well at the front to make a smooth transition. 

I then filled all my holes with wood filler, waiting till it was dry and sanded them down. 

After that, I caulked everywhere that needed to be caulked, all the seams. 

building a kitchen island
building a kitchen island

Step 4 - Paint

Next, I primed and painted the island. 

I also primed and painted 3 legs that I am going to use later for the overhang/butcher block. 

I used behr polar bear for the color. 

building a kitchen island

Step 5 - Attach the Butcher Block Top

This butcher block was the exact size that I needed, I did not need to trim it down. 

To secure the butcher block, I screwed through the cabinet with 2 1/2 inch screws. 

This was through the cabinet front into the butcher block bottom. 

I did later go back and cut a spot for our stove top with a jigsaw. Most island do not have the stove top in the island, so this may be a step you can skip. 


Step 6 - Add the Legs

Make sure you drill with a drill bit or it will split the wood. Drill a tiny bit in then angle it towards the top. 

Then take a bigger drill bit and drill a tiny bit just for the screw to sink in. 

This is so you can wood fill it and have it look like it’s not there. 

You’ll screw it right into the top and the floor. 

If you have concrete floors you’ll need to use a concrete drill bit and concrete screws. 

I am using 2 1/2 inch screws. 

I just eyeball the level. But you can get a level and make sure. 

You can see how the bigger drill bit allowed the screws to sink right in. 

Then wood fill and paint, it’s like it was never there. 

I trimmed the legs down, that is why they look a little different. 

building a kitchen island

Step 7 - Cutting Board Oil

I used General Finishes in Satin for the top coat of the butcher block. 

This is the end result . . .

building a kitchen island

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