Simple and Stunning DIY Accent Headboard Wall

DIY Accent Headboard Wall

My fixer-upper needed a lot of love and one room that needed a lot was the main bedroom. It was very plain, so we decided to spruce it up and add an accent wall instead of a headboard for our bed. This is the step-by-step tutorial on how I did that. It was super easy and I know you guys can do this! 

Step 1: I went to the store and got 51 1X2s. Most hardware stores will carry this wood such as Home Depot, Lowes, or your local hardware store. We have a king bed and this is the amount needed for that. 

Step 2: I ran them through the planer, but if you don’t have a planer no worries, they come pretty smooth. A planer is kind of a random tool to have, I would just lightly sand them after they are up on the wall. 

Step 3: I took off out baseboard because we are replacing them throughout the house. This step is not necessary unless you are changing the baseboards out.

Step 4: I measured from wall to wall then subtracted the width of the king bed. I then divided that by two to get how much was needed to be on each side. My length was 24 1/2 inches on both sides. 

Step 5: I made marks at 24 1/2 inches on the wall and then I will level the boards and nail them with the brad nailer. 

Step 6: I used a paint stick to space the boards. 

Step 7: Put up all the boards. If you don’t have a stud, aim one brad nail down and the other up and it makes a stronger hold. I put one 1X2 up at the top going horizontal. 

Accent Headboard

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  1. I love this look! Thanks for the inspiration! I want to do this in my guest bedroom! I love your blog and your page.

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