DIY Porch Swing – How to Build

DIY Porch Swing - How to Build

I have always wanted a porch bench swing and I finally got around to making one. 

Our porch was not being used and now I am excited to go sit out on the swing every day. 

Here is a step-by- step tutorial on how I built this porch bench swing. 


nail gun
brad nails
wood stain
wood glue
heat gun (optional)
heat shrink tubing (optional)

Step 1 - Add a Decorative Edge to Your DIY Porch Swing

Next, I started building the bench. 

I am adding a decorative edge to the end of the 2X4 by cutting half of it at a 45 degree angle. 

DIY Porch Swing

Step 2 - Build the Base

These cushions were at Walmart, so I got three of them. 

I cut my base to fit the three cushions. 

For the base, I attached 1X6s with wood glue and 1 1/4 inch brad nails. 

DIY Porch Swing

Next, I wanted the decorative 2X4s to go on the bottom, so that is just what I did. 

I attached them to the long sids of the rectangle base. I’m having it overhang an inch on the sides. 

I did not get a photo of this, but I added 1X4s to the base, so the cushions could sit right on top of them. 

DIY Porch Swing

Step 3 - Build Up the DIY Porch Swing

For the sides, I attached 1X4s with glue and brad nails. 

Wood glue is super important when building this. 

I added two to each corner. 

After the corner pieces, I added the top pieces. I used 1X6s and cut them at 45 degree angles so they would fit together. 

Next, I added 1X6s right underneath the top pieces on the inside of the bench. 

DIY Porch Swing

Step 4 - Stain the Wood

I stained the wood with Behr Deck Plus Wood Stain, the color Taupe. 


Step 5 - Add the Rope to Hold the DIY Porch Swing

Add the rope to your swing. 

I drilled holes in the 2X4s for the rope. 

Then, I tied the rope on the back side of the swing, hooked it up through two hooks on the ceiling, and then back down to the front side of the swing. 

I used Heat Shrink Tubing for the first time. It is so crazy. Helps stop the rope ends from fraying.  

DIY Porch Swing

Here is How the DIY Porch Swing turned out . . .

DIY Porch Swing

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