Beautiful Fireplace Transformation – Fireplace Makeover

Fireplace Makeover

This transformation is one of my favorite to date! The fireplace before was old, dated, and needed some love! In this post I will be explaining what I did to transform this fireplace. If you don’t have a fireplace in your house, checkout this other post I created about how to create a Faux Fireplace


Step 1

Before you tackle this project first thing you want to do is check fireplace code in your area. I first started by disconnecting the fans! This is a wood burning stove and these fans were not necessary. 

Step 2

Next step was to cover the granite slab with feather finish concrete! This was so simple! Mix the concrete with water until it was a peanut butter texture and smooth it. You can also use feather finish on walls to create a faux concrete look! I love using feather finish! 

Step 3

Cover the brick with MDF!  1/2 inch MDF and Loctite Power Grab was used to attach it to the brick!  Ilet that sit over night.

Step 4

I wanted framework on the fireplace, I then decided my design and then added it. I used trim wood for the framework. Also, I attached it using the Power Grab. 

Step 5

Then I caulked all the areas that needed it. I let the caulk dry and then painted the fireplace with Glidden Orisis. To help eliminate brush stoke lines I used Floetrol, I love this additive.  

Step 6

To make the mantle I just used a 4×6 from home depot and used Power Grab again to attach it to the top of the brick! 

Checkout the transformation results below! Comment down below what you think? Do you think you can transform fireplace? I hope this tutorial gives you the courage to start that project you have always been dreaming of doing!

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