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Beautiful Bedroom Makeover Overview With Fun Gorilla Ladders

Girl's Room

A major bedroom makeover was needed in order to fit our two girls in such a small space. Knocking down the closet and building a new one with a smaller doorway created the space for this bunk bed! Let’s take a look back at where this room started! 

Bedroom Makeover - Closet


This room was your basic 10×12 room with your basic sunk in closet. This closet eliminated a space for a bunk bed to bud up against the wall. So I decided to take the wall out and start from scratch and build a new closet!

Kristen Reasch-Builds By Kristen-2020ProSpective-1004742817-2

After the wall was torn down on the closet I extended the wall out to fit a dresser! I also added an arch! The arch was way less complicated then I thought it would be and now I am trying to find all the spots in my house that I can add another one! Check out my highlight titled “Girl’s Room” on my Instagram page to see the step by step on how I made this happen. 

Bedroom Makeover - Gorilla Ladder

To help me get through this renovation I used three different Gorilla Ladders! These are all found at Home Depot and are usually in stock at a store near you! This one is the two step lightweight step stool. This step stool is such a good price, right now it is on sale for $19.88! I use this step stool on the daily. To help me reach my upper cabinets to putting nails in shiplap! It is my go to. 

Kristen Reasch-Builds By Kristen-2020ProSpective-1004439692-1-2

This Aluminum Gorilla Ladder has an 18 foot reach! For how large of a ladder this is it is unexpectedly easy to carry! I’ve used this ladder to get on the roof, change a light, and so many other diys.  This ladder has came in handy too many times to count!

Kristen Reasch-Builds By Kristen-2020ProSpective-1003276623-1-2

The last Gorilla Ladder is MY favorite!! This is their platform ladder and it is SO light weight. I am going to use this ladder for every paint project I do. It will help me cut in the ceiling without stepping off the ladder to move it over and over again because it is 47.25 inches long. I love this platform ladder!!

Bedroom Makeover - Room and Built-in Bed

Next step was building the bunk beds! This bunk bed only cost me $200 in materials to make! Also it was fairly simple! I know you guys can do it! To find the tutorial check out the “Bunk Bed” highlight on my Instagram page.  This will walk you through the entire process!

I love how much space the room has now! Eliminating the need for a dresser in the room and being able to bud the bunk bed up against the wall really opened up the space! I feel like it also added some much needed character to the room! Here is the final result of the bedroom makeover!


Bunk Bed

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