Wood Feature Wall with Shiplap – How to DIY

Wood Feature Wall with Shiplap - How to DIY

My entryway was pretty plain and I wanted something a little dramatic. I decided to make a shiplap and wood feature wall. 

This was a lot of fun to design and build. 

I always love when I get to use some creativity. 

Here the step-by-step tutorial on how I made this feature wall. 


half round
peg rail coat rack
brad nailer
brad gun nails
wood glue

Here is what I started with . . .

wood feature wall

Step 1 - Build a Built-In Bench

I decided to build a bench in the entryway to hide all of my electronics that I needed to.

  Here is the tutorial on how I built a bench similar to this. 

Instead of putting trim on the bench, I put shiplap on the outside. 

You don’t need to have a bench, but it is sure inviting and fun. 

Step 2 - Add Shiplap to the Wall

Next, I took out our baseboards, I am updating them throughout the house anyways. 

Then, I decided to add vertical shiplap to the wall. 

One day I will have a blog post explaining how to install shiplap, but for now, you just need to put up one piece and make sure the next piece fits snug against it. 

You will use a brad nail to nail it to the wall. 

wood feature wall

Step 3 - Add Character to Simple Door

As you can see, I added some extra baseboards/trim to the doors. 

Here is a link to how to add character to a simple door. 

Here is also a link of how to add the baseboards to windows and doors to update them. 

Step 4 - Caulk and Paint Feature Wall

Caulk the doors and trim. 

You will also need to fill in the nail gun holes from the shiplap. 

After those try and you sand the wood filler, you can paint! 

I just went with a classic white. 

wood feature wall
wood feature wall

Step 5 - Add Wood Peg Board for the Entryway

Then, I found these awesome wood peg boards at Walmart and added them to the top of the shiplap with a nail gun. 

Add a sanded 1X2 to the top of the peg boards. 

peg boards

Step 6 - Add Half Round

Next, I added half round from the top of the door/1X2 to the ceiling.

 I used wood glue and just a few nails with the nail gun. 

We decided to also switched out our doorknobs for a more updated look. 

wood feature wall

This is the shiplap and wood feature wall I ended up with . . .

wood feature wall

If you love it, you can pin it

wood feature wall
wood feature wall
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