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How to Make Any Mirror Look Antique – Antique Mirror Hack

Antique Mirror Hack - How to Make Any Mirror Look Antique

I love the look of antique mirrors, however, it is so hard to find one for a reasonable price sometimes. Here is a step-by-step tutorial for an antique mirror hack, to make a normal mirror look antique. 

Materials Needed

krazy glue
gold spray paint
chop saw
ornament/decorative moulding

Step 1 - Cut and Paint Trim

Cut your trim at 45 degree angles that measure to your mirror. 

Then, you spray paint your trim and your decorative moulding pieces. 

antique mirror hack

Step 2 - Glue Your Trim

Next, glue your trim pieces around your mirror with the glue of your choice. I used krazy glue and I have had no issues with it falling off. 

antique mirror hack
antique mirror hack

Step 3 - Glue Your Decorative Mounding

Lastly, you glue your decorative moulding pieces on where you want it. I got four corner pieces and a bigger piece for the top middle. 


It's That Simple!

antique mirror hack

The character of this mirror is amazing. I am so glad I learned how to do this antique mirror hack and it is SO easy. You guys can do this, I know it! I love using the decorative moulding. The piano in my office also needed some antique look so I added it to that as well. Here is what I did there. There are so many ways you can use this decorative moulding to add character to your pieces of furniture. I would love to see what you guys come up with, please send me your pictures through Instagram

I hope you guys have a great day today! Just wanted to throw out extra love to those that need it and wish all is well with you all. 

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antique mirror hack
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