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Furniture Flip DIY- How to Refinish an End Table

Furniture Flip DIY - How to Refinish an End Table

Don’t you just love a good furniture flip? They are the best and bring so much character into a room. I love taking something that someone threw out and make it beautiful again. 

I think that is the best feeling and the best thing about life. Taking in the hard or the bad days and making it beautiful. I just love it! 

Here is a quick end table furniture flip I did.  

Here is the before

furniture flip

Where I shop for used furniture

I am from Utah and there is a great thrift store where people just give away their old stuff. It is called the Deseret Industries and it is awesome! Sometimes you find the best things and don’t understand how people just gave it away. I do most of my thrift store shopping here. 

However, when I don’t go to the DI I just search local thrift shops in my valley and go to those. My favorite one lately is the one right by our warehouse for our Pick Me Up business. It is called Country Village Antique Mall. 

Materials for this furniture flip

Killz Original Interior Primer
Rustoleum Spray Paint
120 grit and 220 grit sandpaper
general finishes 
old rag or sock

How I flipped this piece of furniture

first – I found my piece of furniture at the Deseret Industries for $20. The plan is to sand the top and paint the bottom.

second – I sanded the top down with my palm sander. 


third – All I’m using for this paint transformation is Killz original stain blocking spray paint and Rustoleum spray paint. 

I first lightly sanded the bottom, you don’t need to do a lot since we are using the stain blocking spray.

Then, I sprayed the Killz original stain blocking spray paint to the bottom of the table. 

After that dried, I sprayed the the Rustoleum spray paint that I picked. 

killz original
furniture flip

third- I sanded the top down to get any dried paint off of it. I used 120 grit and then 220 grit for the top. 

I used General Finishes in Satin for the top. It is my all time favorite wood sealer. Yes, I’m using an old sock. 

You just pour a little on and rub it around. 

furniture flip
building a kitchen island
furniture flip

This had two drawers that I took out and sanded and stained the outside of it, just like I did the top. I added hardware and it was done! 

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furniture flip

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